Specialist Škoda Garage Services

TC Garage provides specialist Škoda garage services for owners across West Sussex, Surrey, East Sussex and South London. We combine extensive Volkswagen Audi Group knowledge with our outstanding customer service, all at competitive prices.

At TC Garage we embrace the Škoda brand as one of the VAG family, providing servicing, repairs, cambelt replacement (timing belts), performance tuning, MOTs, diagnostics and more.

Škoda at TC Garage

For Škoda Repairs & Servicing

Škoda Octavia Wheel Alignment at TC Garage

At TC Garage we provide complete warranty approved servicing for all Škoda vehicles. With each service we use authentic Volkswagen Audi Group parts and carry out extensive checks of your vehicle. We then tailor the service to you and your vehicles requirements.

Regular vehicle servicing is more important than most vehicle owners realise. Through keeping your Škoda service book up-to-date you will retain a better resale value when it comes time to sell, however the sale is a long term benefit, until then you will also benefit from identifying potential problems before they occur, ensure the optimum MPG for your particular vehicle and trouble free motoring.

For Škoda Cambelt Replacements

Škoda TSi Engine

Your cambelt (timing belt) is an important link between the upper and lower parts of your engine and is prone to wear and tear. It plays such a vital role that if it were to fail the consequences for your engine could be catastrophic. At TC Garage our aim is to ensure that the likelihood of failure is kept to a minimum through our recommended cambelt replacement intervals.

With all our cambelt replacements we also carry out extensive checks and replace common parts prone to failure which is all included in the price. For more information see our cam belt replacement guide and if you would like a Škoda cam belt replacement quotation simply complete our quick enquiry form and we will reply promptly.

For Škoda Performance Modifications

KW Suspension fitted by TC Garage

Thanks to the Volkswagen Audi Group technology your Škoda can be tuned to perfection with REVO ECU software. By remapping your engine with performance software you can discover the drive of your life – increased BHP, more torque and smoother acceleration. In addition at TC Garage we can also modify your Škoda with upgraded brakes, sports suspension, induction kits, sports exhausts, turbos and more.

To discover the world of performance tuning visit our performance modifications section or check out our customer showcase of vehicles modified by the team at TC Garage.