ADAS Calibration, Check and Service

TC Garage are able to perform ADAS calibration, check and service on Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, Skoda and Bentley vehicles for both trade and retail customers. We use approved equipment and are one of only a handful of specialists who can offer this service outside of the main dealer network.

ADAS features are now standard among certain manufacturers, but just like the rest of the vehicle, these systems will require attention after certain works. For example, if you have your windscreen replaced, or if you have suspension work or customisation, the ADAS system will require calibration.

Volkswagen Passat Advanced Driver Assistance Calibration at TC Garage

What Is ADAS Calibration?

ADAS Calibration being carried out at TC Garage

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) are inbuilt systems that work automatically to make vehicles safer. There are several features of ADAS; with the very latest driver and passenger safety at the forefront, these advanced systems are designed to reduce the possibility and severity of certain types of accidents.

How do these systems work? They use innovative features such as cameras, radars and infrared sensors to look out for hazards. When the possibility of an accident is detected a warning alert is triggered or corrective action automatically kicks in and hopefully, the danger is avoided.

Not all ADAS systems are the same – features and the way they work can vary between models and manufacturers. More universal features include adaptive cruise control, adaptive headlights, automatic emergency braking, park assist, blindspot awareness and even very clever traffic sign recognition and pedestrian alerts.

ADAS Service at TC Garage for Calibration
Advanced Driver Assistance System Calibration Equipment

Is ADAS Calibration Necessary?

As with all parts of a vehicle, ADAS systems inevitably require a certain degree of maintenance to ensure they are always working to their full potential, and that your vehicle is as safe as possible. The sensors and cameras used have to be precisely aligned at all times; if their position and aim is disturbed they will need to be readjusted, so calibration checks are essential not just after collisions and minor scrapes, but also after certain repairs.

A change in tyre size, suspension repairs, windscreen replacement, even just bumping a kerb or hitting a pothole will all require calibration. TC Garage have all the specialist equipment to be able to carry out ADAS calibration, check and service on specific makes of vehicle, with staff suitably trained.

Approved equipment for ADAS Calibration
Advanced Driver Assistance System Calibration Software

Preparing Your Vehicle For ADAS Calibration

There are a few things to bear in mind before you bring your vehicle in for ADAS calibration. Our job is to get everything perfectly aligned so we need to be sure that your car doesn't have any additional weight. This means you'll need to remove things like roof racks and bike racks.

Wheels are also important – your car must have four full-sized wheels, each with the correct tyre pressure as per the manufacturer's specifications. Don't worry if you're unsure about preparing your vehicle for ADAS calibration – just let us knew and we can make sure it's ready before we start the work.