Two-Wheel & Four-Wheel Alignment

At TC Garage we provide both two-wheel and four-wheel alignment using our state of the art laser wheel alignment equipment at our workshop in Copthorne, West Sussex. Our skilled technicians can carry out a precise wheel alignment, making adjustments to meet your vehicles requirements.

Wheel Alignment at TC Garage

Wheel Alignment Benefits

At TC Garage our customers can testify to the benefits of correct wheel alignment and it's essential for all vehicles from small family hatchbacks to top end performance cars.

  • Improved Tyre Life
    Incorrect wheel alignment can lead to excessive tyre wear. This is a clear indicator that your wheel alignment should be checked.
  • Improved Handling
    Pulling to the left or right, drifting to one side, wandering or tram lining when driving on a straight road are all symptoms of incorrect wheel alignment.
  • Full Component Inspection
    During the alignment process, all steering and suspension joints are inspected for wear. Worn parts are identified and can be replaced before alignment adjustments are carried out as excessive play in the steering gear, due to worn parts, will cause inaccurate readings.
  • Level Steering Wheel
    The correct way to level up a steering wheel is to carry out wheel alignment. This will re-align your steering wheel in the correct position without upsetting steering angle sensors or air bags.
Audi R8 Four Wheel Alignment at TC Garage
Skoda Octavia undergoing Four Wheel Alignment at TC Garage