REVO ECU Performance Tuning

Do you want more horsepower, torque and all round performance? TC Garage is an approved Revo installation centre providing engine remaps for Audi, Volkswagen, Seat, Škoda, Ford and more using the revolutionary Revo ECU tuning software.

Ford Focus RS at TC Garage

What is Revo ECU Tuning?

Ford Mustang at TC Garage

Revo ECU tuning is the perfect way to get more from your vehicle. Even though most modern cars are 'mass produced' the end result is always slightly different, and that's where Revo comes in.

What the Revo ECU tuning software gives us is the power to remap the engine management system to your individual vehicles requirements. This method of remapping enhances key performance areas such as boost, throttle, fuel and timing, the perfect equilibrium of power and performance vs economy and efficiency.

Revo Stage 1

REVO Software Install

The Revo Stage 1 is the most common ECU remaps which offers the smoothest and most controllable power increase available for your vehicle. Revo stage 1 liberates the power and performance which is already there.

The ECU tuning software 'educates' your vehicle through the process of remapping, delivering you noticeable 'gusto' and optimum performance in a single step and with prices starting from £199 it's no wonder its fast becoming the ECU remap of choice for the Volkswagen Audi Group and Ford communities.

Revo Stage 2

REVO Panel Performance Air Filter

For those of us who have a passion for performance you might want to think about a Revo Stage 2 ECU remap. With Revo Stage 2 we go beyond just software by introducing a performance air filter (or induction kit) and a sports performance stainless steel exhaust.

With the new parts in place we then remap your ECU to take the new performance parts into account. The Revo Stage 2 will deliver all the benefits of Revo Stage 1 however it will deliver between 10% - 15% more 'usable' power.

Ford ECU Remaps

Ford Focus ST 2.0 Turbo

  Power (ps) Torque (ft·lb)
Stock 250 265
REVO Stage 1 276 - 287 310 - 340
REVO Stage 2 300 - 311 335 - 365

Volkswagen Scirocco 1.4 TSi

  Power (ps) Torque (ft·lb)
Stock 160 177
REVO Stage 1 185 - 205 198 - 213
REVO Stage 2 185 - 225 198 - 228
Audi S1 Quattro at TC Garage
Audi TT RS at TC Garage
Revo Approved

Audi S5 4.2

  Power (ps) Torque (ft·lb)
Stock 350 324
REVO Stage 1 355 - 365 329 - 339
REVO Stage 2 355 - 370 329 - 352

SEAT Leon 1.8 TSi

  Power (ps) Torque (ft·lb)
Stock 180 184
REVO Stage 1 228 - 248 258 - 277
REVO Stage 2 238 - 268 258 - 302