Cambelt Replacement at TC Garage

When looking for the best quote for your cam belt replacement you need to ask if the price quoted gives you everything you need or whether it's the least they can get away with? At TC Garage we never cut corners and yet we're still one of the most competitive Volkswagen Audi Group specialists for cambelts in the Surrey, West Sussex & South London areas.

Cambelt Replacement on an Audi at TC Garage

All Inclusive Cambelt Replacements

Your cam belt (or timing belt) is a perishable part which needs to be replaced periodically. It links the camshaft and valves in the top of the engine to the crankshaft and pistons in the bottom part of the engine. Failure could result in catastrophic engine damage. We know this from experience as we have seen the consequences of this many times before.

Audi S4 Upgraded Belt and Pulley by TC Garage

At TC Garage we believe in doing everything that we can to ensure you never have to face the issues related to cam belt failure. In addition to replacing the cam belt it is equally important to replace all tensioners, idle rollers and associated parts, as these are just as prone to wear and failure as the cam belt itself. On most late Volkswagen Audi Group vehicles the cam belt also drives the water pump, which itself is prone to failing. Therefore, where applicable all our quotes include a replacement water pump, new G12 antifreeze as well as the idle rollers, tensioners, cam belt, auxiliary belts and labour.

Auxiliary drive belt tensioners will also be checked and if found to be badly worn they will be replaced at additional cost. On both petrol and diesel V6 engines the coolant thermostat is situated behind the cambelt, and so on these models the thermostat replacement is included in the price.

At TC Garage we offer good value for money and as our customer you will always be advised of ahead of any works being carried out, along with any costs. For your peace of mind we only use genuine Volkswagen & Audi Group parts which are covered by a 2 year parts and labour warranty.

Cambelt Replacement Intervals

We urge our customers to follow the recommended cam belt intervals as listed. If you have recently purchased a used Audi, Volkswagen, Seat, Škoda or Bentley we recommend you check the vehicle documentation to ensure that the cam belt has been changed at the correct interval (if due). If you are unsure it's best to err on the side of caution and contact us for further advice.

1.4 / 1.6 16v40k4 Yrs
1.6 / 2.0 8v60k4 Yrs
1.8T 20v60k4 Yrs
2.0 / 2.0T 20v60k4 Yrs
2.0 FSi / FSi T80k4 Yrs
4 Cylinder TDi (non PD)60k4 Yrs
3 / 4 Cylinder TDi PD40k-60k4 Yrs
4 Cylinder 2.0 TDi PD80k4 Yrs
5 Cylinder TDi (e.g. T4)80k4 Yrs
6 Cylinder TDi V680k4 Yrs