Performance Tuning & Modifications

The mass production of the motor car has brought the humble car to the general public, however mass production has its limitations, it is designed to please the masses and not the individual, and that's where TC Garage can improve your ride, handling and stopping power with aftermarket modifications.

Modified Audi Quattro by TC Garage

Performance parts fitted by experts

At TC Garage we provide aftermarket performance modifications for Volkswagen, Seat, Audi, Škoda, Ford, BMW and more! Whatever your request we will try to accommodate, from upgrading your brake calipers, discs and pads to sports exhausts, ECU remaps, sports suspension and more.

TC Garage provide two methods of performance modifications, you can provide the parts and we will fit them or we can advise and help source the performance parts required and fit them. Either way at TC Garage you are in safe hands, our team of die hard VAG mechanics are there to ensure your car is modified to the highest standard.

If you're unsure 'what does what' then take a look below at our quick reference guide to commonly modified parts and their benefits, or visit our customer showcase to see some of the modification projects we have undertaken.

Sports Exhausts

Range Rover Sports Exhaust fitted by TC Garage

Your exhaust system is a key factor in your engines air flow. By upgrading your standard exhaust to a performance exhaust it creates 'cleaner lines' from the manifold to the exit which increases air flow resulting in an increase in overall performance, a deeper note (sound) and the added styling of a polished sports tailpipe. In addition many aftermarket exhausts such as Milltek Sport, Blue Flame Exhausts and Quicksilver come with a lifetime guarantee.

Air Filters & Induction Kits

Induction Kit fitted at TC Garage

All vehicles have some kind of air filter to stop debris getting into your engine. Normally these are made from paper however with a sports air filter it is made from modern materials (such as mesh or foam) which increase airflow resulting in more performance. Most aftermarket air filters such as ITG, BMC, Revo and K&N can be cleaned instead of being replaced unlike many of the standard air filters used by manufacturers.

Performance Brakes

Brembo Brake Calipers fitted by TC Garage

We all know it's very well to have great acceleration but let's not forget 'stopping power' and so any modification in this area has to be a good thing. At TC Garage we can upgrade your brake discs, pads and calipers using aftermarket brands such as Brembo and EBC. By upgrading the braking system it delivers all round smoother braking and reduces stopping distance.

ECU Software & Remaps

Ford Mustang in for a tune at TC Garage

Modern Volkswagen & Audi Group vehicles have an engine control unit (ECU) which manages the fuel, air flow and more. With an ECU remap we reprogram the control unit to deliver the optimum levels for your exact engine. By remapping your vehicles ECU using the REVO tuning software we can deliver additional BHP and torque giving you the drive of your life. For more detailed information visit our REVO section.

REVO Alloy Wheels
Ford Focus RS (Blue) at TC Garage

Sports Suspension

KW Sports Suspension fitted by TC Garage

Regular suspension gives you a regular ride. Suspension does more than just 'comfort'; it plays a vital role in the overall handling of the vehicle through cornering, acceleration and braking. By upgrading to sports suspension you will feel the benefits; more control in corners, a firmer ride and it adds to the stability of the vehicle whilst braking. TC Garage has experience working with the leading sports suspension brands such as Spax, Koni, Weitec, AP, SuperPro, H&R, Eibach and KW.