Retrofit Modifications & Software Adaptions

Love your car but feel it's not quite 'the right spec'? Wish you had cruise control for motorway miles, or anti hijack locking for additional safety? Well, look no further, that's exactly what the team at TC Garage can deliver with our comprehensive range of OEM (original equipment of manufacturer) retrofit upgrades and software alterations for Audi, Volkswagen, Seat and Škoda vehicles.

Retrofit DAB Software Upgrade

How does Retrofit work?

Due to the way vehicles are now produced, it is more cost effective for new cars to be built with the infostructure / wiring and ability to run many of the possible optional extras at the point of manufacture, and then car is “de-speced” by either locking + encrypting areas not required for the vehicle specification ordered by the customer, or by the relevant hardware components not being fitted.

Retrofit Cruise Control Stalk and Software

At TC Garage your car's previously locked areas can be unlocked or activated using SVM activation (Software version management), or in the case of previously not fitted hardware components, these OEM parts can be retrospectively fitted, and coupled with alterations to the vehicle's software, the newly fitted system will work as well as it would if was part of the car’s original specification.

How far can we go? In theory the options for retrofit are limitless, however certain upgrades are far more tangible than others from a cost point of view. We have listed below some of the more popular retrofit hardware and software alteration requests for ideas, however these lists are not exhaustive!

Another item we specialise in professional installation and set up of is forward and rear facing collision and incident cameras (dash cams) which many people agree is essential equipment for modern driving.

Get in touch with your current model and we can see what optional extras are available to make your vehicle the right spec.

Popular Hardware Alterations

  • Cruise control.
  • Tow bars (including removable head and semi-automated flip down).
  • Audi Music Interface (AMI) fitted.
  • Bluetooth streaming from iPod/iPad.
  • Digital Radio Interface addition to Audi MMi system.
  • Parking aid.
  • Reverse camera.
  • Centre arm rest installation.
  • Heated mirrors.
  • Folding mirrors.
  • Forward and rear facing collision / incident cameras.

Popular Software Examples

  • Sat Nav Activation via SVM on certain Audi infotainment and MMi systems.
  • Instrument panel needle sweep (needles flip backwards and forwards on start up).
  • Sat Nav maps converted from 2D to 3D (selected operating systems).
  • Sat Nav maps and firmware updates.
  • Speed limiter removal or introduction (certain models).
  • Selective door unlocking.
  • Hijack protection door locking.
  • Seatbelt warning chime deletion or introduction.
  • Speed relative radio volume adjustment (radio volume alters as road noise increases).
  • Hologram instruction language changes.
  • Exterior lighting control alterations such as coming home lights and puddle lights.