Independent Bentley Garage Services

At TC Garage we can offer Bentley owners a cost-effective way to maintain this luxury brand of vehicles, providing servicing, repairs, cambelts and diagnostics from our independent HQ in Copthorne, West Sussex.

Bentley at TC Garage

Specialists for Bentley…

Since the acquisition of the Bentley brand by Volkswagen Audi Group in 1998 TC Garage were anticipating the first model built by VW, however it wasn't until 2003 did the first VAG built Bentley arrive, and the VW group delivered with the Continental GT, bringing reliability and technology to what was described arguably as an aging brand.

Bentley 6.0 Twin-Turbo Engine

At TC Garage we offer servicing, maintenance and repairs for three VAG built Bentley models; the Bentley Continental GT (2003 onwards), Bentley Continental Flying Spur (2005 onwards) and the Bentley Mulsanne (2011 onwards). These models powered by the biturbo V8 and W12 engines are high performance, high specification vehicles which require specialist care and equipment due to their complexity.

TC Garage run the fully licenced Bentley dealer diagnostic equipment which allows us to do all dealer only functions such as key coding, component protection and control module coding. And with the build platform and much of the rest of the Bentley Continental GT heavily based on a D3 shape Audi A8 we are very well set up and familiar with carrying out repairs and maintenance on these VAG built vehicles.

Bentley on arrival at TC Garage
Bentley in for Repair at TC Garage
Bentley in the TC Garage workshop