Air Con Servicing, Regas & Sanitisation

At TC Garage we provide aircon servicing, repairs, sanitation and regas for all Volkswagen, Seat, Audi, Škoda and Bentley models. As a leading Volkswagen Audi Group specialist we can provide a fixed price air conditioning service for customers near Copthorne and across the Surrey, West Sussex and South London areas.

Air Conditioning Service Regas

Aircon Service & Regas – £75.00 + v.a.t.

Aircon requires regular servicing to ensure optimal performance. Your vehicle's air conditioning should be used all year round to keep the system healthy. AC dehumidifies and works with the heater to keep windows mist free and the aircon circulation keeps seals moist with oil which helps prevent leaks.

Air con gas naturally leaches through seals and pipes in the air conditioning system. Over a number of years the gas pressure in your air con can fall and low gas content will cause your air conditioning system components to work harder and therefore be less efficient.

TC Garage recommend that all air conditioning systems should be serviced at least every 2 years in order to maintain correct temperature and fuel efficient operation.

Air Con Check List

TC Garage offers an air conditioning service using our state of the art equipment, carried out by our F-gas qualified technicians.

  • Gas pressure and quantity check.
  • Vehicle cabin temperatures checked.
  • Climate control system diagnostic check (where applicable).
  • Pollen filter condition checked.
  • Refrigerant recovered and vacuum applied to remove moisture and air.
  • System vacuum leak test carried out.
  • System refilled with correct amount of refrigerant and where applicable new lubricating oil and/or UV leak detecting dye added.
  • System operation checked, pressures and temperatures measured.

Aircon Sanitisation – £75.00 + v.a.t.

Although aircon provides the perfect cabin climate it also provides the perfect place for the growth of bacteria and other micro-organisms. The warm, damp evaporator fins of your air conditioning system act as a breeding ground for bacteria and they can release through the air conditioning system into the vehicle. Over time this build up can become harmful to your health.

At TC Garage we offer an air conditioning sanitisation treatment which kills bacteria and other unwanted organisms in the aircon system which also helps eliminate unpleasant smells. Ask about our AC sanitisation when you book your next Air Con service.