Skoda Octavia VRS Revo Stage 1

Škoda Octavia VRS 2.0 TFSi 16v L4 (MK2) Petrol

With this Octavia VRS the client brief was very specific; better handling, lower looks, improved braking, more power! To address the handling and ride height we fitted a KW Street Comfort Kit with an ST Front Anti Roll Bar and SuperPro SuperLoy Lightened Front Arms. Power was delivered thanks to a Milltek cat back exhaust with Revo Stage 1 software. With those extra beans we’ll need to stop, so for this we went big with the Revo Alcon Brake Kit.

Skoda Octavia VRS Revo Stage 1


  • KW Street Comfort Coil Over Kit
  • Front Suspension Strut
  • Rear Suspension Setup
  • SuperPro Superloy Lightened Front Arms
  • SuperLoy v Stock Front Lower Arms
  • SuperPro Superloy Front Arms
  • SuperPro Superloy Balljoint
  • ST Front anti roll bar upgrade
  • Milltek Exhaust System
  • Milltek v Stock
  • Milltek Tailpipes
  • Revo Alcon Brakes
  • Revo Alcon Carriers
  • Stock Front Brakes
  • Revo Alcon Front Brakes
  • Revo Performance SPS Pro
  • The finished project.


ECU Software

  • Revo Performance Software Stage 1
  • Revo SPS Pro


  • Milltek CAT Back Exhaust System

Wheels & Suspension

  • KW Street Comfort Coil Over Kit
    Fully Adjustable
  • ST Front Anti Roll Bar
  • SuperPro SuperLoy Lightened Front Arms


  • Revo Alcon Big Brake Kit