Range Rover SVR Quicksilver

Land Rover Range Rover SVR 5.0 32v V8 Petrol

This was a first for us at TC Garage! The 5.0 supercharged V8 of the Range Rover SVR is by no means quiet in standard form, however an aftermarket exhaust will unlock that deep V8 soundtrack. The Quicksilver Sound Architect exhaust system features valve controlled back boxes which are controlled via Bluetooth to your smartphone. Close the valves for a quieter, almost stock, exhaust sound. Then open the valves to unleash that V8 growl! We can supply and fit Quicksilvers full range of exhaust systems!

Range Rover SVR Quicksilver


  • Up on the ramps the standard exhaust
  • Standard exhaust removed
  • Quicksilver Exhaust fitted
  • Back down off the ramps
  • Lovely 22 inch wheels
  • Blue paintwork and the Carbon pack makes this very unique!
  • Finished and ready to hit the roads
  • Beautiful carbon style exhaust tips



  • Quicksilver Sound Architect Exhaust System