Cupra 280 Revo Brakes & Wheels

SEAT Leon Cupra 280 2.0 TSI 16v L4 (5F) Petrol

The Seat Leon Cupra 280 combines the front wheel drive platform from the MK7 Golf GTI, with the Golf Rs more powerful engine, making a very lively hot hatch! Lightness is key to good handling, so a set of lightweight Revo RV019 alloy wheels, as well as Revo’s Alcon 6 piston brake kit and Superpro’s alloy lower arm kit were fitted. To top it off we retrofitted the lightweight aluminium subframe from an Audi S3 and a Powerflex hybrid lower engine mount to increase traction.

Cupra 280 Revo Brakes & Wheels


  • The Revo Brake kit ready to fit
  • Huge 380mm discs
  • Fitted and ready to go
  • The Revo RV019s and Alcon Brake kit
  • A great combo!
  • The old steel subframe vs the new aluminium one with the Superpro lower arms
  • New subframe with the Superpro lower arms and roll bar all fitted ready to go
  • The new Subframe and lower arms all fitted to the car
  • A close up of the massive 380mm discs behind the RV019s
  • The finished product!


Wheels & Suspension

  • Revo RV019 Alloy Wheels
  • Superpro Alloy Lower Arm Kit
  • MQB Aluminium Subframe Retrofit
  • Powerflex Hybrid Lower Torque Mount


  • Revo Alcon 6 Piston Brake Kit
    6 piston Calipers, 380mm two piece Discs, Ferodo Pads, Braided Brake Lines