Volkswagen Scirocco GT Stage 3

Volkswagen Scirocco GT 2.0 TSI 16v L4 Petrol

This customers Scirocco GT 2.0TSI was already running Revo’s stage 2 software and had the hardware to support. The next upgrade was Revo’s Stage 3 software with an uprated turbo from Turbo Technics! We also fitted a Forge motorsport and custom boost pipes, a custom inlet pipe, and a Revo Intercooler to keep the inlet temperatures low. Lastly to help increase traction, we fitted a Power flex anti lift kit!

Volkswagen Scirocco GT Stage 3


  • Fitting the Revo Intercooler
  • The larger Revo Intercooler
  • Front end removed without the need to re-gas the air con
  • New Turbo Fitted
  • The new boost pipes
  • Powerflex Anti-Lift Kit fitted
  • The Cyclone Induction Pipe Fitted
  • Custom lower boost pipe fitted
  • The finished product!
  • A lovely looking engine bay!
  • A clean car ready to hit the roads


ECU Software

  • Revo Stage 3

Wheels & Suspension

  • Powerflex Anti-Lift Kit


  • Custom Cyclone Intake pipe

Engine Hardware

  • Turbo Technics Turbo
  • Revo Intercooler
  • Forge motorsport boost pipes
  • Custom Intercooler boost pipe