Audi S3 Revo Stage 2 Performance Pack

Audi S3 2.0 TSI 16v L4 (8V) Petrol

The Audi S3 8V shares the same platform as the MK7 Golf R, which means all hardware designed for the Golf is compatible. We took this stock S3 to full Revo stage 2 with Revo’s Performance Pack. This included the Revo ECU and TCU software, Revo Carbon Series Induction kit, Revo Intercooler upgrade and Intercooler pipe upgrade. We also fitted the customers supplied Scorpion exhaust down pipe and forge motorsport turbo blanket as well as a Revo Turbo Muffler Delete.

Audi S3 Revo Stage 2 Performance Pack


  • All of the parts ready to fit
  • The turbo ready for the Forge Turbo Blanket install
  • The Forge Motorsport Turbo Blanket and Scorpion Downpipe Fitted
  • Ready for the Intercooler install
  • Front end off and Intercooler in place
  • Revo’s Intercooler pipe upgrade
  • The lower boost hoses part of the Revo Intercooler pipe upgrade
  • The Carbon Series Induction fitted
  • A close up of the Revo Carbon Series Induction
  • The finished project!


ECU Software

  • Revo Stage 2


  • Scorpion Downpipe


  • Revo Carbon Series Intake Kit

Engine Hardware

  • Revo Intercooler
  • Revo Intercooler Pipe Upgrade Kit
  • Forge Motorsport Turbo Blanket
  • Revo Turbo Muffler Delete


  • Revo TCU Software