Audi S1 Revo Stage 3

Audi S1 2.0 TSI 16v L4 (8X) Petrol

The Audi S1 is by no means a slow car in standard form. With a 2L TSI engine pumping out 228bhp and with a 4 wheel drive system to compliment that power, it seems like the perfect recipe for a great hot hatch. However there’s always more to squeeze out of these engines, so our customer opted for a huge upgrade to Revo Stage 3 which included an IS38 Turbo from a Golf R, Revo Stage 3 software, Sachs Uprated Clutch, Turbo Technics Intake Pipe, full Superpro bush upgrade kit, a Racingline Oil catch can, NGK Racing Spark Plugs, Vibra-Technic Engine Mounts, Revo Alcon Brake Kit, KW Coilover Kit, and to top it all off, we fitted a Retrimmed Steering Wheel!

Audi S1 Revo Stage 3


  • On the ramp fo rather brake kit fitting
  • The Revo Alcon Brake Kit
  • 332mm Discs and 4 Piston Calipers
  • The brake kit fitted
  • Turbo Technics Intake Pipe
  • This car already had this beautiful Eventuri Carbon Intake fitted
  • The Revo Brake Kit behind the OZ wheels!
  • The next load of upgrades!
  • Superpros full suspension bush upgrade kit
  • Vibra-Technics Engine mount kit
  • IS38 turbo and Racingline Catch Can
  • Old IS20 vs new IS38 Turbos
  • New turbo fitted
  • Turbo intake side
  • Forge Motorsport Silicone Coolant hoses fitted
  • Racingline catch can fitted with a custom made bracket
  • The Racingline Catch Can and Eventuri Intake
  • KW coilover kit fitted to the front
  • KW coilover kit fitted to the rear
  • KW Coilovers and the Revo Brake Kit!
  • Flashing the Revo ECU software
  • Upgrade compete!
  • Fitting the retrimmed steering wheel
  • Alcantara steering wheel re-trim for improved grip


ECU Software

  • Revo Stage 3

Wheels & Suspension

  • Superpro upgraded bushes
    Full car bushes replaced
  • KW Coilover Kit


  • Revo Alcon Brake Kit
    4 Piston Calipers, 332mm Discs, Braided Lines, Ferodo Uprated Pads, Motol 5.1 Brake Fluid


  • Turbo Technics Intake Pipe

Engine Hardware

  • IS38 Turbo
  • Racingline Oil Catch Can Kit
  • NGK Racing Spark Plugs
  • Vibra-Technic Engine Mounts
  • Forge Motorsport Silicone Coolant Hose Kit


  • Sachs Clutch